Monday, 14 April 2014

Back On The Track

I hate watching hockey! Well, let me clarify that: I hate sitting on the sideline when I should be out on the pitch playing. The Investec League Play-offs have just finished and having to miss out for the second year running was just painful. These are the weekends that everyone wants to play in and it’s just gutting not to be involved. Having learnt from experience I’ve now taken to staying more in the background when it comes to my team; lets just say it’s better for the health of my heart by not living every tackle, pass and goal.

I did have lots of lovely support though wherever I went. Many hockey supporters who were avidly following my blog wished me well in my recovery and believe me all the support and encouragement really helps.

The last week of training has gone well. Obviously I’m pushing things along as quickly as possible, and after surgery or any injury pain is inevitable on the road back to recovery; but what is the difference between pain and pain? When I’ve had any pain, particularly in my back (which thankfully hasn’t been that often), I get so many annoying thoughts running through my mind. Why’s it painful? What have I done? Should I carry on training? Is it good or bad pain?

I tried to explain to someone the other day that because I have no visual concept really of what the surgeon has done, I keep imagining things popping out of places they shouldn’t! Again, completely irrational thoughts take over my mind to the point where I end up in tears whilst trying to convince myself that I’ve not done anything different that could’ve caused it. Normally it’ll last that day, the next morning I’ll wake up and it all feels fine again and I’ll wonder what all the fuss was about. It’s completely ridiculous; I know it is. Even when I’m in this state of mind I try to tell myself it’ll be fine tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem to help.

On the whole I’ve enjoyed a good week’s training led by Ben Rosenblatt, our strength and conditioning coach who has also been working all hours to not only write my programmes, but to support me through many of my sessions. The blood flow restriction training has finally come to an end and I really feel like my legs are strong. My trunk exercises are now including some flexion, rotation and side bends. Progression can definitely be seen which keeps morale high. I also reached a huge milestone this week: I ran for the first time! That definitely makes me feel even closer to my target.

Three running sessions and five footwork sessions down: many, many more to come. It’s time to ramp this up!

The short movie below introduces Ben and also shows some of my exercises from the last two weeks including the dreaded blood flow restriction session.


  1. Good grief, having watched the vid can't believe the progress you've made! Reasons to be cheerful...!

  2. Amazing progress Helen. Well done.
    As a veteran of spinal surgery, I'm sure that you'll like this:
    Best wishes, Paul

  3. Definitely progressing well from what my untrained eye can see, so well done you. I'm not convinced I could manage some of those routines as well as you are when I was 20+years younger & fitter, so keep going! The Hockey Family is supporting you :o).